C14 Songs Collection

Title - C14 Songs Collection
Artist - C14 members (Wai G၊ Wat Thoe၊ Kg Mhu၊ Zaw Bo၊ Htet Aung၊ Zaw Rein၊ Htet Naing၊ Linn Naing၊ Divine၊ C Hokker၊ SGL၊ Street G၊ Jit Phyo)

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1. Stones Channel Beatz (WG) - produced by BoBo ( Flash Point)

2. Ae dr Sanchaung Thar ( WG,Wat Thoe)

3. ဘား၃၀ (WG)

4. ဘာအေကာင္လဲ (WG)

5. Cypher (Kg Mhu, Zaw Bo, WG)produced by A-LvL Music

6. Junkie (Divine)

7. ခက္ပ (WG)

8. ေက်နပ္လိုက္ (C Hokker, Htet Aung, Divine) - produced by Htet Aung

9. ကုန္ (WG,Divine) - produced by BoBo (Flash Points)

10. လာမေျပာနဲ႔ (WG, SGL )

11. ျမန္မာ့အလင္း (WG)

12. Open Ur Eyes (Divine,WG) - Produced by BoBo (Flash Points)

13. ပြဲ (Divine,WG) - Produced By A-LvL Music

14. Chill (Divine) - Produced by A-LvL Music

15. $ar X (WG)

16. Street (WG,Divine)

17. သက္သက္လုပ္တာ (Street G,Htet Naing,WG, Linn Naing)

18. Where U Belong (Divine,Zaw Rein )

19. ေလျကီးေလက်ယ္ (Jit Phyo,Divine,WG) - produced by Jit Phyo


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