This Shit Is Ghetto - Black Rice, Moe Mhon, Feat. Nage

Song Name - This Shit Is Ghetto
Artists - Black Rice, Moe Mhon, Feat. Nage
Music - Mike Lightner

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Rap 1 (Black Rice) >>> True Story of life there's no rubber cautions So many bitches out here niggas don't wear protection A young nigga in the ghetto wanna square a million put in work everyday in his mind he got visions His so ambitious his on a money mission Putting niggas down like numbers in Multiplication Crime scenes dirty so why they acting phony This ghetto life we living we ain't got no help out here Crime rate higher higher than tax payer Sleeping with one eyes close should I call it fear five o dont come out here this the real deal That's where we sell that work now ask me how I feel My niggas getting calls now they ain't getting home Should I grab a piece n show these niggas where I'm from Grace on cause mama pray for me everyday Real niggas from the project grab a mic and what they say
Cho (Nage) >>> Where ya wanna go. There ya got a whore
There ya got 2 know bout There ya got 2 There ya got 2
Y ya wann know . Don't ya wann go . Smooking weeds & whores
Every in ma ghetto . . .
Rap 2 (Moe Mhon) >>> What ya know nigga . I'm real man\
Standing on ma slippa . Fightin 2 da evil 1\
Hu wanna take ma homies . Try 1st 2 break ma bones here\
He'll need 2 date ma stoney dick . Cuz I'll save ma only\
man what a damn shit . I neva got da 1st\
I haven't gun nigga . But I neva drop da sword\
I swear 2 god da fuck . 2 rock da ass . hu block ma trust\
I do wanna sell ma soul . but demon neva talk ma back\
Fuck . not a shine 1 . mine is cloudy Ghetto\
But got a rhyme gang . I'm juz proud these assholes\
We no one celebrity . juz rhyming from da weeds\
But we r celebrating . Freestyling on da streez\
We r not gunning . but I'm fckin 2 ya wth ma rappin\
C ma grabbling . 2 da fuckin world . which is none of blessing\
I'm one 2 rock . burn da world . wth dis flame asshole\
Now ya C ma my bitch . Dis shit is named ghetto.